lundi 14 décembre 2015

Insecure surveillance technology

How insecure surveillance technology is working against you
Researchers made a survey on how we are controlled and how cameras deployed in towns can help citizens. They discovered that all these video datas were not safe or protected. 

Today most of people agree to be filmed for safety reasons, even if sometimes our privacy is sacrificed. We are safe from criminals however we expect that our private data will be handled and protected.

Some researchers came across some cities that use wireless technology for security cameras and infrastructure. They found out that wireless technology is not secure and handling data in this manner could potentially be vulnerable to attacks.
Although wireless technology itself can be vulnerable, there are still many additional improvements which can be implemented to secure these networks. Ideally, there should be many levels of security in place, so if a hacker clears one hurdle, he must then face a greater challenge at the next. However that was not the case in this instance.

To protect our data it will be necessary to deploy a mesh network: 

First things to do are:
·         To secure authentication with a strong password (automatic generation is best)
·         To hide SSID and MAC addresses
·         To hide equipment from hackers 

·         Use cryptography and make the videos difficult to use

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