mardi 15 décembre 2015

Enterprises, will you own your IOT datas?

IoT architectures can supply both the raw material as well as sophisticated real-time and historical analytics that shape and guide those intelligent business decisions. However, the analytics will normally be performed by third-party partner organizations such as SAS, Oracle, or IBM that have authorized access to these information gold mines. Your integrator/partner analytics tool should be agnostic and the company’s cloud-read modules should provide seamless transfer of data from the field to the Cloud Platform, therefore facilitating the flow of data. Do you want Google, Oracle, SAS, Salesforce to own your data?
If we look ahead to the time when we take this development for granted, we can anticipate ownership of the data to become an issue. When it becomes a valuable resource Intellectual Property can enter the equation along with corporate lawyers.  Example: the Connected Car is one of the many commoditized devices that provide access to users’ online data and profiles.  So does Silicon Valley, insurance company or user own this data?  On the other hand it opens up access to new revenue and profit streams for OEMs and new entrants, so will the car manufacturers keep control? Time will tell.

Sources : Telit, Gartner
Key words : IOT data, data Owner, Privacy, IOT new economy, 

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